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About Us

"It's more than a store... it's a feeling"

-Carole Victorio, Owner and Operator


Kindred Spirit has been serving the Hampton Roads community since 1997. Over the years, the products have ebbed and flowed by what the community desires and needs, including our line of handmade Artisan Woodworks altars, curio cabinets, hanging apothecaries, shelving, hand turned pens and ritual tools.

Whether you are in search of intentional tools, herbs, oils, sterling stone and crystal jewelry, we are confident you will match with what you are manifesting for yourself.  If you are looking for something specific, reach out by phone or email so we can find a way to assist you.

As you walk a winding road, we hope you find us to be a bolstered post along your path.

Best regards,
Joseph Victorio